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EOR (Enhanced Oil recovery)

Products & Services offered

  • EOR high pressure Steam Generators (OTSG).
  • HOSS” heavy oil steam systems. High pressure steam generators that can use the local oily produced water directly into the system without exotic water pre-treatment.
  • RO and other area specific water treatment plants for Steam Generator Feed water offering turnkey project capability.
  • 4 phase Well Testing Systems especially designed for hot oil, post steaming projects.
  • Advanced Oil production Facilities specializing in Thermal EOR applications
  • “ERT” sub surface real time cross bore hole thermal imaging of the steam chest or electrically resistive fluids and reservoirs.
  • Automation, SCADA & remote telemetry.
  • Engineering services: Mechanical & Electrical, Chemical and Process.
  • Solar Power Solutions for oil field steam production systems.
  • Oil and Gas & potable water chemicals supply.
  • Casing gas recovery and usage including vacuum assisted vapour recovery and incineration or used as supplemental fuels in the OSTG or tank heating.
  • Nationalization of area processes including process training and handover programs.

EOR Process

Oil & Gas resources are organic, formed by the effects of heat and pressure on sediments trapped beneath the earth's surface over millions of years. While ancient societies made some use of these resources, the modern petroleum age began less than a century and a half ago. Advances in technology have steadily improved the ability to find and extract oil and gas, and to convert them to efficient fuels and useful consumer products. More resources of this type and oil shale have been quantified elsewhere, but they have not yet been proven exploitable and extractable economically. Thermally enhanced oil recovery technique enables oil producers to extract more of the difficult ‘heavy oil’ and thus extend the life of existing oil fields and open possibilities for new wells that had previously been deemed too difficult or costly to extract from. The world's oil production has not, in fact, peaked. There's still a vast amount of oil out there and that production will continue to increase year after year for a long time. However, the problem is that an increasing proportion of this supply is in places that are more difficult and more expensive to get to. While there is still plenty of oil left in the ground, most of the supplies that are easy to reach have already been developed, forcing the global petroleum industry to turn to oil deposits that are relatively hard to recover. Heavy oil, which can be the consistency of molasses, or even denser, is costlier to bring to the surface than light oil. They also typically contain more contaminants like metals and sulphur. Without steam or any other EOR methods, heavy oil can be very difficult to pry out of the earth because it is so thick it barely flows. Heavy-oil fields without EOR sometimes yield as little as 5% of their oil with conventional pumping, compared with 35% or more in a light-oil deposit.

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